About the Author

Hi! My name’s Kenneth, and I’m the author of this blog!

I’m no professional music critic or writer, but a few friends noticed that I have a penchant for finding and listening to music that would be under their radar. So why not do something productive about it? A friend (who writes film reviews over at MediaBrewPub) suggested that I pick up the pen and try my hand at music reviews. Another friend of mine (who was a writer for KoreAm) gave me the idea for my blog’s punny name. (He originally suggested “Ken You Dig It?” I politely edited it.)

At the time, my hard drive died and took my digital music collection with it. The laborious task of re-ripping CDs and re-downloading digital purchases brought me to reassess my collection, and to critically evaluate the music I liked and why. Especially when limitless amounts of music are available on tap via streaming services, it’s easy to lose sight of the records and sounds that built your tastes.

As I document my collections and the songs I hear here and there on “Ken You Hear This?”, I hope you’ll find an angle on the sounds, melodies and rhythms you hear in your life. As I’m trying to in mine.

Aside from blogging, I’m also an MA student in Johns Hopkins University’s Museum Studies Program, I tutor part-time, and I volunteer at a few museums in both Los Angeles and Orange Counties.


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