Time to Start

Currently listening: “Earth Star” by The Sea and Cake, from Nassau (1995, Thrill Jockey)


As inconvenient as it was, my laptop’s hard drive must have died at a pretty auspicious time for me to begin blogging. Because when the hard drive became unreadable, it took my entire music library with it. It was not the first time that I lost my music library, but now this gives me the occasion to re-download or re-rip all the songs and CDs I have accumulated over several years of music collecting, since my last year of junior high.

In the weeks before my hard drive’s death, my good friend Jun (who also does movies at MediaBrewPub here) suggested that I should try my hand at blogging again, and he recommended that I try my hand at music. Perhaps it was because of when we watched Inside Llewyn Davis and I gave some commentary on the film’s cultural context, that my friend thought I might have something good to say about the musical arts.

I’ll be honest and say that I have not sought after music as actively as I used to. I haven’t picked up my favorite music magazine or listened intently to All Songs Considered or KCRW’s selections, instead tuning out whenever something very new and left-field came on. This apathy ends here. Reconstructing my music library and writing about what I listen to will help me re-evaluate my musical tastes, and perhaps this task will direct me to gaps in my library and help me set goals for what I should listen to and collect next.

To my friends, and to whomever stumbling upon this site: KEN YOU HEAR THIS?!? ;D /facepalm PS: Thanks again, Jun! And thank you “Jedi” James for the corny name suggestion.


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