Musical Materials: Chuck Berry’s guitar, “Maybellene”

(This post was originally written for my grad school class on Material Culture and the Modern Museum at Johns Hopkins University!) Music history often throws the spotlight onto great maestros like Mozart and Beethoven, trailblazers such as Joplin or Elvis, or canonical lists of the greatest albums and songs ever put to record. But music is not only defined […]

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Holiday Album Buyers’ Guide, Part 1: A Very She & Him Christmas

[‘Twas the day after Thanksgiving and all throughout the Southland, people tuned their car radios to KOST 103.5 FM, and let the Christmas tunes fly. Yes sir, it’s the time of year to hate holiday songs! You’re getting sick of hearing another rendition of “Sleigh Ride” or “Jingle Bell Rock,” and you grate from the insufferable cheer […]

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The Dismal Circus of Kraftwerk’s “Metropolis”

“Metropolis” Kraftwerk The Man-Machine (Kling Klang, 1978) Last month, I had the immense pleasure to go see Kraftwerk bring their 3D tour to the Hollywood Bowl. I’m relatively late in discovering Kraftwerk, first hearing about them back in 2005 when they put out Minimum-Maximum, an accolade-winning live double album hailed as a greatest hits compilation re-tooled for the 21st century dancefloor. After […]

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